I am Denelle Kennedy and I make selfish, self serving art



Pics or it didn't happen, 2017

I have some images in Arvida Byström and Molly Soda's amazing new book
about instagram censorship called Pics Or It Didn't Happen.
I cannot believe my name is in a book that Chris Kraus wrote the foreward to
 and I am so proud to have my images along side some fabulous talent.
This issue of body censorship by a faceless corporation is revealed for its
lunacy in this tangible and poignant hardcover book.
Go out and buy it!



All Images Are Self Portraits by Denelle Kennedy 2016



Still from GlitchGirls, 2016

I made a few videos and they are being shown
at the Greenbelt Gallery
in Toronto on April 20th
as part of Luminous Flux IV

Still From GlitchGirls, 2016
Still from GlitchGirls, 2016

If you are in Toronto go check it out and
  e-mail me a selfie

Still from SuperLike, 2016

Still from SuperLike, 2016

And in the likely hood
 you can't make it to the show 
check out the video
 by clicking the image below

Still from GlitchGirls, 2016

All Images are Self Portraits by Denelle Kennedy 2016




Been Working On New Stuff, I Promise.
Self Portrait by Denelle Kennedy, 2016


The Face Of January

Still From Video Just Do it Your Selfie, 2015

I have a new video showing this week at the Camden Image Gallery in London.
'The Face of January' is a Portrait and Figurative Exhibition to raise money for Solace Women's Aid

"The intention in my fictionalized video self portraits is to create multiple personas of popular culture clichés. The staged presentation of the characters is to develop a slippage between the virtual and the real. These theatrical video self portraits employ an almost instagram aesthetic that use the vocabulary of the photographic still through a time based structure to further heighten the fictionalization of the female protagonist in play. Although these images are all of me, I do not view them as photographs of myself rather they act as embodiments of my thoughts on natures, technology, performance, identities and façades."

This exhibition will run from 7th - 13th January 2015

All Images Are Self Portraits Created by Denelle Kennedy


Egg On Your Face

Self Portraits by Denelle Kennedy 2015



All images are self portraits by Denelle Kennedy wearing Caps by No Type

Rose Bush

Self Portrait at 64 Beethoven Street London, 2015



Check out my editorial for Superhero Mag
Here is an extended version of my words and images titled Beauty Masks

Denelle Kennedy is a 26-year-old Canadian based in London, UK.
 I have recently read the novel Green Girl by Kate Zambreno and really connected with the protagonist Ruth. It is a novel about a culture where "women wear their faces as masks, and their bodies as shields."
 Her performance of her femininity seems to stand in place of her identity: 
"Sometimes she is struck by the sense that she is someone else's character, that she is saying someone else's lines."
I wanted to take this idea of "face as mask" and further explore one of my latest photo series titled Beauty Masks. This title strikes me as somewhat of an oxymoron because we do not look beautiful in the mask, the beauty is promised only after the mask is removed.  Our faces are one of the ways we are identified by others, yet many of us don't identify with our own natural, naked face.
We promote a very different version of that face online with every display picture and user profile, or out in the world with makeup and extensions. We begin to fool ourselves, associating the way we wear eyeliner with our own face and identity. This image is where we feel we look our best: idealised hair, teeth, clothes, and skin. Women undertake vast, sometimes costly and invasive, measures to obtain their ideal self.
Here's the psychology behind Beauty Masks: with cucumbers over your eyes, you paint yourself beyond recognition, clay smeared into every crevice; you imagine another girl, the more beautiful one. Then you peel and scrub it all away hoping to reveal the face that resembles the better (different and more beautiful) one that you daydream for.

All Photographs are Self Portraits by Denelle Kennedy 2015

Special Thanks to Hannah Grunden and Elle Kurancid

Go Check out Superhero Mag HERE



All Photographs are self portraits by Denelle Kennedy 2015
All clothing by KLING



Self Portraits by Denelle Kennedy 2015
in Ahida Agirre's Relax Cap

Photographs of Che Richards & Denelle Kennedy 2015
in Ahida Agirre's see through nighty

Hiding Hair

All Photographs are Self Portraits by Denelle Kennedy 2014/15
Wearing a hat by Set Store and some dresses and tops by Ahida Agirre