I am Denelle Louise Kennedy Ellis and I make selfish, self serving art


LANDSCAPES (or, displayed horizontally)

Spring, 2009.
East end, Spring 2009.
Broadview Bridge at Dundas, Summer 2009.
Sunset going west, summer 2009.
26 Carleton st. Thorold, summer 2009.
Rooftop, summer 2009.
Dundas over DVP, summer 2009.
Cherry Beach Trail, summer 2009.
Westend beach, summer 2009.
Bobcaygeon, summer 2009.
26 Carlet st. Thorold(Backyard), winter 2010.
NY, Spring 2007.
Wallstreet, Spring 2007.
Jordan Clark's cottage, Summer 2007.
Family reunion, Summer 2008.
Brother in Scotland, summer 2008.
26 Carleton st. Thorold, winter 2009.

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